Courtney Zito is a San Francisco Bay  Area Creative. Her experience (both in front of and  behind the camera) extends to Commercials, Television, Films and Indie  Series. Her focus is on producing, directing, writing and acting.

Best known for her work in Hollywood Girl,  an indie series she wrote, produced, directed and starred in, she played  the role of quirky and lovable Quinn Monroe, to the delight of  audiences across the globe. The show aired on Cable TV, and was  translated into several languages because of its global appeal.  Hollywood Girl has amassed many awards for Courtney, her cast and the  producers. Following the success of Hollywood Girl, Courtney officially  started her own Production Company, Hollywood Girl Pictures, and began  her second series, Dirty Thirties, a more grown up comedy about best  friends and dating in LA. Again, she won awards for Acting, Writing  & Producing the series.

In addition to her own projects,  Courtney has produced Reality TV shows and music videos for various  production companies in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Most  notably, the Pilot for Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch and Teddy Ray  & DoBoy: Blowin' up with 

Russell Simmons on All Def Digital.  

Now,  as a mother to an active toddler, Courtney is spending more time at home and focusing more on writing and photography. A born storyteller, she is finding new ways to do just that.  She recently published her first novel, Peripheral Vision, with co-writer Timothy Hammer. Peripheral Vision (sold exclusively on Amazon), is a  supernatural thriller full of plot twists, that is keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Courtney also recently started a photography business with an emphasis on family and children's portraits.

 She is truly enjoying this new creative chapter in her life.